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We offer dog training in Darwin NT and surrounding areas (including remote locations). When working with you and your dog we provide a training and education program that is individualised for your dog's physical and emotional needs as a canine. We will educate you about canine communication through  understanding dog body language, instincts and basic needs and animal emotions. We will help you create a long-lasting partnership of trust with your dog and teach you ways to enrich your dogs in their environment to help them become a well-socialised, calm, confident and happy dog.

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Our services include dog behaviour modification, individual dog training, puppy, life skills, scent/Nose work programs and workshops and much more.  Our training methods are based on current academic research in animal behavioural science and our trainers are continuously maintaining their qualifications and skills as new knowledge emerges. We pride ourselves on using an holistic approach to working with you and your dog. We come to you at a time that suits and we are fully aware that every dog and person is different and therefore we will provide you with personalised and tailored training programs, to achieve your goals!


If you have any questions after the training, we provide you with ongoing support.


Assessment and Foundation Session

Life Skills Program (18 weeks and over)

Private In-home training programs

Super Sniffer Program (scent training for fearful and reactive dogs).

Pawfect Puppy Program (9-18 weeks of age)






Today we had a real ‘lightbulb moment’ at the park where he just said hello to some other dogs and then came running right back to me when I called him. Lately he is really happy to see other dogs and then continue on with our walk and he is so confident. He is so much more calm and content than he used to be.


He is also much happier hanging out in the car and coming back to the car. Here is some photo proof of him chilling with another dog at home, never thought I’d see the day!


OMG!! We are so proud of Chai! Took her on our first walk, we got a 10m lead, and she was brilliant. Besides getting tangled she walked around, sniffed everything but everytime we got a big far she caught up to us, we were always in here sight and she never pulled! Amazing :-) we also did recall while she played with another dog and she came back!! Yay!!!


Hi Hannah,


I just wanted to say thank you for all your training and support for Taya and I. We really appreciate all your knowledge and advice, and it has made a huge positive change to our walks/lives.


So thank you :) 


Jade Leeners

Natasha McAlister

- Sally



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