About Us

Pawsitive K9 Behaviour provides dog training in Darwin, NT and its surrounding areas.

Pawsitive K9 Behaviour dog training was founded in 2015 by Owner Hannah Ruess. We follow the philosophy that every dog is an individual and therefore we have to use different methods and motivations for every dog. We believe that dogs learn more efficiently by winning, than by losing!

We use effective and enjoyable dog training methods that are science-based and empowering the dog to learn.

Hannah’s passion for dogs and animals goes back to her childhood, growing up on an organic farm in Germany, she was always surrounded by dogs and lots of other animals. As a teenager she raised and trained horses. After travelling the world, she settled in Australia in 2009 the same year she got her own dog Neville. He plays a huge part in her life. He also inspired her to start Pet Minding in 2011 with Top Dog Minders in Brisbane.

After travelling around Australia and ending up in Darwin, Hannah decided to turn her love and passion for dogs into her career. In 2014 she enrolled with the National Dog Trainer Federation (NDTF), Australia’s only, Government accredited, nationally recognised, dog trainer certification program.

Hannah also holds the following qualifications:

- Certificate in "Animal Emotions – happier animals, better relationships”. ILLIS ABS (February 2017). 

- Certificate in "Animal Training - Getting Behaviour". ILLIS ABC. (September 2017).

- Certificate in "Puppy Start Right for Instructors". Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior. (January 2018)

- Certificate in "Advanced Animal Training". ILIS ABC. (September 2018).

- Certificate in "Canine Scentwork". Canine Principles. (April 2019).

- Diploma in "Canine Communication". Canine Principles. (expected completion June 2019).


- Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference 2017 hosted by Victoria Stilwell.

- Health and Harmony Dog Symposium 2018 & 2019 hosted by Jenny Golsby.

In 2019, PK9B brought on a new team member, Roz Rowen.

Roz first met Hannah in 2016 after adopting a dog from RSPCA. Roz grew up on a farm and has always had animals in her life. 

She is passionate about understanding dogs given her background in understanding human communication. 

Roz holds a PhD in linguistics and holds a Certificate in Natural Animal Medicines and is currently completing her Diploma in Natural Animals Medicines.