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This blog is dedicated to Blossom.

You may know her from the article posted in the NT Times in September last year, where she was rescued by our friends from Aussie Pooch, Hannah and Ross. Her road has taken many turns but now we would like to welcome her officially into our home and into the team from  Pawsitive K9 Behaviour.

After fostering her for a couple months, we couldn't resist her beautiful sweet nature and decided to keep her, total "foster failure'! She has come a long way and adores Neville. He loves to play and cuddle up with her an they already make a super team and compliment each other. So far he has taught her so many things and we love watching them growing together. 

We will provide Blossom with the best forever home possible. Thank you Blossom for filling our lives with love, laughter and making it more challenging too. :-)

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