Dogs Basic Needs

Hannah Ruess . Monday, November 14, 2016 . Comments
Dogs Basic Needs

Dog and humans alike need food , water and shelter to survive. a healthy, balanced diet is elementary as discussed in our previous blog nutrition. Water should be clean (preferable filtered) and always available. Your home should be more than just shelter and dogs should not be excluded from the family life because they pack animals.

if you leave your dog primarily outside without social interaction your dog will feel discontent and lonely, which he could display in destructive behaviour, like digging or destroying things in your backyard, he also might try to escape.

You also should provide your dog with a safe sleeping area, so you make sure he gets enough sleep, otherwise it can lead to stress, impaired learning abilities and resentment shown through reactivity. Freedom of movement is another important basic need for our dogs, because if we constantly try to control our dogs and confine them to small spaces we are taking away their coping skills, but more about that in our upcoming blog with more basic need to follow.

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