Keep your dogs safe at Territory Day!

Hannah Ruess . Friday, June 30, 2017 . Comments
Keep your dogs safe at Territory Day!

Tips for keeping your dogs safe at Territory Day.

  1. Make sure your dog/s gets a lot of exercise and mental stimulation earlier in the day.
  2. Make sure all your dogs are wearing well fitted collars with ID tags so if they escape they can be easily be reunited with you the owner.
  3. Keep your dog/s inside during Fireworks preferably with human company.
  4. If you like to go out and celebrate, create a safe haven for your dog/s in an sheltered and escape proof area in your home to hang out like a crate or other enclosed areas.
  5. Close all windows and curtains, lowering blinds and covering crates can also be very helpful for your dog/s.
  6. Leave the aircon and fans running.
  7. Play some calming music or leave the TV on to mask the noise.
  8. Use some natural calming sprays or a defuser.
  9. Leave your dog with plenty of water.
  10.  Provide your dog/s with some fun things to do like a treat hunt or food puzzle.

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