Living with the pack

Hannah Ruess . Sunday, October 23, 2016 . Comments
Living with the pack

Living with more than one dog in a household can be a lot of fun but also challenging at times to make sure that all dogs and humans are safe and satisfied in everyday ways of life.

You can only have a balanced multi-dog household if you are consistent with what you expect. It is vital to read your dogs body language and behaviour well, to make the right choices for them and lead them in a calm and meaningful way. 

The key is to understand their needs and motivations, as well as knowing how things work in a group dynamic. In a nutshell, dogs that are allowed to create their own routine and do what ever they like are not going to set up a harmonious pack, where sharing and fair play will be the standard.

Leadership in a multiple dog home is the primary cause of many issues. So be a consistent and fair leader who looks at every dog as an individual and make sure that every dog needs are met and cared for. Devote sufficient time to each dog for individual training, mental stimulation and environmental enrichment. Control feeding and play time to avoid fights. 

In conclusion, be calm, fair and consistent, encourage your dogs to make the right choices and  have lots of fun!

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