Training Your Dog to Fit in with Your Family

Hannah Ruess . Friday, September 23, 2016 . Comments
Training Your Dog to Fit in with Your Family

It's no secret that here at Pawsitive K9 Behaviour, we're big advocates of behavioural training. We were thrilled to recently be invited to contribute to an article by Bupa Pet Insurance on the best ways to train a dog to fit in well with your family. The article '5 Dog Training Tips for a Great Family Dog' have great advice for anyone about to introduce a new pup or rescued adult dog into their family.

Our owner and Founder Hannah Ruess suggest in the article that 'you remember that age-old adage, "practice makes perfect", but in this case you want to prevent your dog from "practicing" antisocial behaviours.' The example we give is that of a dog who runs up and down a fence yapping at anyone who walks past, to correct this behaviour, consistency is the key. remove the environment in which this can occur if the dog is unattended, prevent your dog from exhibiting this behaviour when you are present and reward positive behaviours.

For more information on training your dog to fit in well in your household and society at large get in touch for a one-on-one session tailored to your and your dog's specific environment and requirements.

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