Welcome to Pawsitive K9 Behaviour Dog Training in Darwin NT

We offer dog training in Darwin NT, and surrounding areas. We will provide you with the right advice and ongoing education for you and all stages of your canine's development. Whether you have just acquired a new puppy or have an older dog which needs some training and direction to become a well-socialised, calm and happy dog, we have the service to suit your requirements. This includes Dog Behaviour Modification, Dog Training, Puppy classes, group skills classes, workshops and much more.  We would love to share our accredited knowledge of the science behind learning and behaviour with you to teach you the owner how to train your K9 and to create a long lasting, trusting and enjoyable relationship with your dog.
 We come to you at a time that suits you and we are fully aware that every dog and person is different and therefore we will provide you with personalised and tailored training plans, to achieve your goals! If you have any questions after the training, we will provide you with ongoing support.

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